Friday, January 23, 2009

Store Your Passwords Safe !

Today i want to introduce you (security aware readers may know it already) a very practical and reliable tool to store your passwords safely.The name of the mentioned tool : KeePass 2.0.6 (beta) .It uses a AES/Rijndael 256-Bit encryption and you can specify the number of key transfomation rounds yourself.(Default is 6000 - be aware that a higher value takes more time until the database opens!).It is very easy to use and has a well arranged lay out.

When you click on the user name for which a certain password is stored, it copies the password automatically to the clipboard for 12 seconds.(clipoard will be cleared after this period).So you just need to right click / paste it in your password field.As well you have the option to specify a given URL to each username/password.From the context menu on the selected username you can open related webside.So you are straight away at the point to continue.

Not visible on screenshots but ofcourse the passwords or other sensitive data can be replaced with asterixes on the screen.For your own clear overview you can give each entry it's own icon.By default you are able to choose from arround 68 icons but can add your own icons if you do not like them.

When you are at a login page you can fill out the given login fields via Auto Type.It just needs to be started from the right click context menu while your webform is opened in a browser.That helps saving time.You also can also override the default sequence for forms requiering more field to fill.

KeePass has an integrated pass word generator also.As by other password generators you can specify the criteria for your password.All in all a very useful and professional tool.Best of all it is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee : )

I just can recomend it as i am using it myself at work and at home.

You can download it here : (a variety of plugins is available too - check it out !)

KeePass free download :
Plugins : KeePass Plugins

I hope you liked this article with the opportunity to store your passwords free and safe !

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