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500GB LaCie Network Space NAS

17 Feb 2016
I use this NAS since 2009 and it is still alive :)
It has just been used for storing mainly images and some documenst. With a today's GigaBit LAN router you can get up to 8 MB/s upload and up to 12 MB/s download speed. I wouldn't recommend it for streaming Full HD films,  but it is still a reliable part of our home environment after 7 years.

Two days ago i bought this good looking, smooth blue light featured NAS with a capacity of 500GB.I started today to back up my files and explore the features of this Network Attached Storage solution.First i need to say the setup and mounting process is very good explained in a step by step manual.Even for inexperienced users it should be no riddle to connect the storage.Besides the NAS the box contains an external power supply, Ethernet cable, CD-ROM with LaCie Ethernet Agent and Backup Software.The whole thing is a small black box in glance design.What i especially like is the smooth blue disk activity light which is placed in the bottom of the device and is reflected by surface on which it is placed.Let's see what is inside the blackbox :


Capacity : 500GB

Interface : Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbits compatible

Expansion Ports : 1 USB Port

Weight : 950 g

System Requirements :

- Windows® 2000, Windows XP (SP1 & SP2), Windows Vista™ / Mac® OS X 10.3 or higher

- PC or Mac equipped with a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive

- For local use: any computer connected on the local network

- For remote use: any computer connected to the Internet via FTP

Warranty : 2 years (from which 1 year covers unlimited warranty by correct usage)

Offers FTP services

Comes by default with 2 shares.An open and a private share.The open share can be obtained by default by everyone connected to your network.Unless you do not modify the security settings.The private share can only obtained by admin.

See more detailed description on .

Once installed the Ethernet Agent from the CD-Rom you can manage your file activities from a systray icon.A right click on the icon offers a Web Access option.After log in (login described in the manual) you can manage your file operations and account details through an admin control panel.Four categories are available : Configuration to edit accounts and set general settings.The next is Backup where you can do a complete backup of a to the storage connected USB device.The Disk category informs you about the space on the storage and if connected on external USB devices.The last one is Support.Here you are able to enable FTP services, obtain the System Log ,refresh your media list and restart the server.

On the CD you can find a Genie Backup Assistant which allows you to create backup jobs on schedule.I just finished to set up and accomplish the first backup job.The backup assistant is a step by step tool where you define the location (source-destination), compression and security (AES encryption and ZIP passwort) of the files or folders you want to backup.The backup job finished successfully and my backed up file is stored at the designated folder on the NAS in an encrypted container.I set a weekly schedule as well.With the restore assistant the file can be accessed and restored in it's original state,All in all very clear and easy to use.(the backup assistant is only the basic version what means you only have the option to backup on the NAS, but it's no trial).

This little NAS is offered a little bit cheaper here.
Note:This is no affiliate link!

Just left to say i am pleased with this Storage solution and the price is ok as well.

More how to enable FTP and access your NAS remotly here

Has anyone good or bad experiences with this Network Space ?
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Jamal said...

I love new technology and everything but what exactly does this do? lol

Sam Regist said...

Hi Jamal, thx for the visit.This thingy is like an external USB harddisk on which you can backup your data.The difference is that it is connected with a LAN cable to the home-network (router)and you send datas to the storage through the LAN.Hence this the transfer is usually faster (depends on the network).The other advantage is that the storage gets it's own IP address and with a correct setup you can reach or upload datas through the internet as well and have your own little FTP server.Or you can upload films and music and stream it down on your PC.

Regards, have a good day

katty said...

I have been some problem with my connection and I thought could be my network card, how ever i wasn´t sure. So, I decided to looking for information by internet and try to understand the network problem. I am happy because all the solution which advice this blog are very useful and interesting.
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Sam Regist said...

Hi katty ,

Thanx for your comment.I like it, as it has something to say and embeds the link quite discreet.

Nice style : )

John Programmer said...

Call me a noob but i just recently learned about this Network enabled solution. This is a great addition to your data storage devices. It is best for family use where everyone can back up their files or retreive movies for family bonding. Thank You!

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