Monday, November 2, 2009

Rammstein In Budapest 2010 !

Many People do not know where Hungary is or even that it exists.For those ones who heard about it, it often does not matter if it is Budapest or Bucharest : ) , comparable with : 'somewhere on the Balkan' or for not Europeans : 'somewhere in Europe or Asia' . This shouldn't become a geographical teaching lesson nor should it be a complaint about the fact that Hungary did not win the last World Cup in football. [ as Hungary did not qualify : ) ]

However Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and is located in Europe.Very nice, especially in the summer.

And the time has come again that Rammstein comes to Budapest.The happening will take place in March 2010.Cards are available since the 22nd of October.This is well appreciated as i hear Rammstein over a decade.In the last couple of years the only possibility to see a Rammstein concert was travelling to Vienna (Austria) , Germany or some other European country.( i think last time there were here in 2005 ).Not everybody in Hungary speaks German, but this is absolutely no problem.Many many people here love them and this is gonna be a big happening.

So if you plan to visit Budapest in March 2010 and you are a fan of hard rock/metal music with bizarre texts in German you maybe should take in consideration to get some tickets early enough. (no this is not an affiliate advertisement and i do not have someone in the family who is selling tickets for the Rammstein Concert)

See more details in the Guide To Budapest here

Informations in Hungarian language are available here

Note: The English description (Budapest Guide) refers to WorldticketShop for tickets.The Hungarian link refers to I write this note because i do not understand why WorldticketShop offers for example seat places (2nd class) for 199,00 Euros (£ 179,10) while the same tickets are offered on (the Hungarian link) for 13.900,00 FT which is rawly 50 Euros.As i see the site is available in English as well.

So should you plan to come to Budapest in March 2010, let me know, we'll gonna rock it.

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Mr.Nerd said...

Hadn't the album recently been set onto the German index by "Zensursula" von der Leyen due to explicit lyrics (have unsafe sex, etc.) ?

Sam Regist said...

Yep Mrs Zensursula, the mother of 7 children, says the lyrics glamorize unsafe sex.(Seems she likes to listen to Rammstein Lyrics : ) )

Anyway, i found this on (Ministerium für Inneneinrichtung, Lebensfreude und Familie (MILF) ) - and i am ready to vote for her new Project : ))


willy said...

and.. what is the problem?

Sam Regist said...

problem with what .... ? The Rammstein concert was fine, and we have a conservativ MILF's opinion to it.

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