Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hello, my name is Sam Regist and i run am working as a security analyst in an international environment.Currently i am part of a team operating a MS HMC 4.5 Platform.This blog is my way to express and share technical experiences i make in my everydays.I do not want to limit it just to the technical side of life.When there is something happening beyond HMC worth to mention, i usually wrap it in some words and give it a place in form of a post.

I know the feeling very well when you are looking for some hints or knowledge to solve an actual problem and you don't find nothing what really brings you a step forward.Because of this i try to write down technological related articles as exactly i can.I do not say i am perfect, so you are always welcome to suplement with a comment.Don't worry i am no smart ass.

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