Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Change "View My Complete Profile Text" Blogger

For a long time i wanted to change the "View My Complete Profile" text in my profile widget.I was googling up and down, found several tips and tricks, all useful, but not for this problem.So i started to have a shot at my template on my own.When you take a slight look to the right and focus on my profile widget you'll see the shot succeeded.I explain what i have done:

First go to the Edit HTML section of your template.Tick in Expand Widget Template and download your template just in case things go wrong.

Now locate the following snippet in your template's widget section.(ctrl+f will do the job):Note:I needed to replace the tag signs <> with brackets otherwise Blogger won't display them.You need to replace the [] brackets with the <> tag signs when you do ctrl+f.

[a class='profile-link' expr:href='data:userUrl'][data:viewProfileMsg/][/a]

As next step you need to delete the red part of the line :[data:viewProfileMsg/]

Place now your text you want to have displayed where you deleted the red marked part of the code line.It should look something like this:

[a class='profile-link' expr:href='data:userUrl']View Profile[/a]
In short words i deleted this part of the code:[data:viewProfileMsg/] and put my text (View Profile) on it's place.

Works fine with me, try it yourself.

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chngdman said...


z-vet said...

Very good, thank you!

Sam Regist said...

I am glad it helped : )

Stephen Jones said...

Thanks for the tip. Your instructions worked great.

Gary said...

worked fine for me too. thank you!

Jonni said...

Thanks for the awesome tip I too have been trying to change this for a while now. I really appreciate it.


Sam Regist said...

Yes i was in the same situation and did not find a description.After endless googling without results i messed around with my template and it worked : ) and nice to see it helps others as well.

The "View My Complete Profile" Text is just tooo long.

Thanx for your feedback : )

Fan Jun said...

hi Sam, tkx for the tips, I just changes it. It works! much appreciated it.

I have extra issue need your adivice: How to put "About Me" content into a link instead of show full text there? It occupies large space. tks!

Sam Regist said...

Hi Fan Jun ,

Sorry for the late publish.I did not want to give a stupid answer and tried a little bit within my own template.It did not succeed as I thought.Anyway i think you need to find a way to put the following part of your template code (expand widgets) into a link format :

[b:if cond='data:aboutme != ""'][dd class='profile-textblock'][data:aboutme/]

The challenge is to keep the format parsable as you get otherwise lots of "no matching ending tags" errors.I got always this error when i modified the [data:aboutme] tag.I think it must stay this way, just needs to be put into link format.([a href="link"][/a]) - but this did not brought the expected result.(remember i have replaced the <> with brackets [] )

I hope i could give at least a little bit of an idea where to start with this.

I wish you peaceful holidays and a happy new year


Anonymous said...

really nice

Loren said...

Works great! Although now the next widget (my blog archive) is partially on top of my profile widget. Any idea how to expand my profile widget so the archive widget doesn't end up on top of it? Thanks in advance.

Sam Regist said...

Hi, i would try in first round to locate in your CSS the part of the your profile widget and insert a padding-bottom: 20px ; in the CSS.Or you can locate the part of the next widget in your CSS and do a padding-top: 20px; .That should create enough space between your widgets.Decrease or increase the pixel size to finetune it.If this does not work, you need to find the part of the code in the HTMl section of your blog (do not forget to expand widgets and make backup).To locate the widget, check the name of the widget (the title you gave or has been given automatically to the widget), do a ctrl+f search on this in the HTML section of your blog =(with widgets expanded)

I hope this helps



Sam Regist said...

@ Loren : sorry i fired it up too early.When you have located the widget-code in the HTML section of your Blog you need to add the padding-bottom CSS property after the div style tag of your widget.(i think this is called inline CSS).My profile widget is called Profile2, so i have done a search on Profile2 (still in expanded widget mode, do not forget), now focus on this :
div class='widget-content'

add here after widget content and before the closing div tag the following snippet:

style='padding-bottom: 15px'

I remember now, i had the same issue just that my widget was to close to the top.So i used padding-top-In your case padding-bottom should do the job.I think you'll need to this in the HTML section (Edit HTML under Layout) and not in the CSS.(just ignore what i wrote before)



Loren said...

Awesome! Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

wish I had found your post sooner- it would have saved me 5hr.

Michael Leddy said...

That unnecessary "complete" has bugged me for a long time, and I could never figure out how to change it. Thank you!

Term Papers said...

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Sam Regist said...

@Term Papers, thanx for your motivating words.
Sadly time is the factor which is missing sometimes on my side.What shouldn't mean i stop posting.

Good luck with !



posercorpse said...

Hey Sam, thanks a lot I changed mine. Check out my blog. :)

Sam Regist said...

Hi posercorpse ,

Nice to see it worked."Know Her" cool :)

You have a nice blog.Nice layout.WikiUnderground rocks.



posercorpse said...

Thanks Sam! Reason for my series of sleepless nights!

3mieszczanka said...

Great, thanks! That's what I was looking for! The original text is too long. :-) Thank you.

megan said...

arigato gozaimasu!

Sam Regist said...


You're welcome : )

GxDxKx said...

thanks man,i had been losing my sleep over my html code until i found you!

Sam Regist said...

I am happy you got your sleep back :)
Glad it helped ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!!

Span Ows said...

yep, ditto the above comment. the 'complete' has bugged me for ages, now gone! Thanks a lot.

Sam Regist said...

Hi Span Ows ,

Blogger is a good service, but sad that they put such a long text there by default, and that there is no common option to edit the text.

keep on Owsbloggin' ;)


alex said...

great share! thanks a million!


Fredrik Eriksson said...

Great post. This is just what I needed.

l3reak said...

Excellent, thanks for the instructions.

Sam Regist said...

You're welcome :)

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