Thursday, May 21, 2009

Access Shared Calendar Through OWA 2007!

Accessing the own or a shared calendar through OWA has changed in Exchange 2007.First i want to mention that you cannot share a second or third calendar you may have set up within your Outlook 2007 Client.As i have experienced it, one can only share the original calendar through Outlook Web Access.

A workaround to share another but your original calendar could be to use public folders (we do not have this option in our environment since we do not allow public folders due to security policies).In this case i suggest users to create a mailbox with the only purpose to share the calendar with the authorized persons.

The common path to access the calendar through OWA 2007 is:
(type it in your browser)


Note: This did not work in our environment (HMC 4.5 platform).I needed to change the path as follows below, after this i could see the calendar :


When you share a calendar you need to grant the authorized users full permissions (owner level) to make them able to access the calendar through OWA!

Let's assume user Sunshine01 wants to share his calendar with the user Nightfall03.User Sunshine01 needs to grant Nightfall03 full access (owner level).Now Nightfall03 can access the shared calendar under this URL :

https://servername/owa/sunshine01@domain/?cmd=contents&f=calendar (the user who shares the calendar needs to be set in the URL)

When the OWA logon screen comes up user Nightfall03 needs to enter his credentials.Because of the granted access Nightfall03 will be able to see the calendar of Sunshine01.

This is how it works for me in our environment.

Feel free to supplement with a comment if you have other experiences to this issue.
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Sam Regist said...

Hey : )) Danke fürs Reinschauen.Ja mit der OWA Geschichte hab ich mich auch erst richtig befasst als wir die erste Anfrage zu geshartem Kalender Accces in OWA 2007 erhielten.

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