Saturday, April 21, 2012

Culturebound experiences !

Within the last two weeks I was able to broaden my cultural horizon two times.
First we went to watch the Miss Saigon musical in the Budapest operette. Since the digital part of my life does not include spending time in the theater and sport does not really widen ones cultural knowledge I was happy to watch Miss Saigon in the operette.

Even if the end was tragic , I was well impressed.
The music , the actors , the requisites and the illumination were awesome. This musical was converted to Hungarian language perfectly. ( I would like to see it again in English one day as well to have a comparison ). It was stunning how they rebuilt the stage and the stage props creating a completely new environment within seconds.In the two and a half hours ( with one 20 min. break ) I did not experience one boring period.

As I am not very regular to the theater this is just a short feedback. Despite not being a theater critic, I liked it and just can recommend it to everyone. You will not be bored !

The next happening was the Jósef Attila musical in the Madách Theater. Jósef Atilla was a famous Hungarian poet. He stepped in front of a train and committed suicide in 1937.This musical shows his short life and how it came to the end. Never being loved in his childhood he was a child in a man's body, needing the attention of his actual dear as the love from a mother to her child. He felt lost and was lost without that. On the other side he was a rebel, fighting for the worker's class and against the well off leading society.

His first big love Martha came from an accredited high-society family. Her father sent Martha for one year to the United Kingdom while giving Jósef Attila a good paying office job managing French correspondences.Jósef Attila broke down when his letters , he wrote Martha, did not get answered. He lost his Job , wrote melancholic poems with suicidal tendencies.

Years later he was the protagonist in a psychological-check performed by Flora , a young psychologic. Jósef Attila felt in love straight away and made her a proposal of marriage on first sight. She was surprised but could handle the situation and the sudden request in a lady manner. Month later ( after spending time together ) she agreed the proposal of marriage. In that time the poet was already treated in a psychiatry because of his instable personality and suicidal tendencies.

After being released from the psychiatry his sister in Balaton Szárszo was supposed to take care of him. Flora was on the other side of the Balaton ( Hungarian sea ) and was waiting for response from him for already a week when she received a letter that Jósef Attila committed suicide on the rails in Balaton Szárszó.

The child in his personality was played by a young boy being mostly next to the main actor Pósta Viktor. It gave a good picture about that what was going on inside the mind of a child being in the body of a man.

Besides the tragic story it is a modern musical with a fast and rhythmic choreography. Really enjoyed it !

The musical's name : Én jósef Attila [ Me Jóseph Attila ]

So long

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eBaymoney makers said...

Wah..great traveling and experience..thanks for share..

branded items said...

I'm glad you were able to see Miss Saigon-it's awesome! When you do have the time-please see the English version of it- you'll be so impress -you'll continue to see it again and again. I so love the way Kim (Ms. Lea Salonga) sang "On My Own" - so full of emotion!

WebBanshee said...

Hi Branded Items ,

Your comment is welcome as always. I am looking forward to see it once in english as well :)



Magento Developer said...

Yeh it would be nice to see it in English but I also think some 'feelings' of the piece can be lost so I'll stick with the original If I had a chance!

branded items said...

Thanks Sam, I will always try to drop by. Oh and by the way have you seen Les Misebrales? This is an awesome musical too. And once again, Fontaine ( Ms. Lea Salonga ) is remarkable! Cheers!

WebBanshee said...

Hi branded items,

No I didn't see it. But heared its awesome. Will give it a try , when they play it here.

Have a nice weekend. Its long one here in hungary.


Mr Fix said...

This one is interesting to read. I haven't seen this but i love to.

Gary Wright said...

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gemscool said...

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Unknown said...

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ebizon9 said...

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Youtube Plugin Wordpress said...

I've watched Miss Saigon musical once. Really a great musical. Way better than Glee or whatever musical we have now.

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