Monday, June 25, 2012

Binary Domain

Binary Domain
After a hard day  you just want to play sometimes a stupid game without any spiritual requirements. Shooting enemies on mass, enjoying good graphics and a fast gameplay. That was exactly what I needed :)  So I started took take a look for games in this segment. And .....  I found one of the best FPS game I have played so far : Binary Domain !

The game comes with the usual story-line for FPS Shooter. Fight against a powerful corporation which rules the world with their innovative products designed to make the world better. In this case robots manufactured by Bergen. Bergen has stolen the plans for the most advanced robotic technology from a scientist. The scientist of course wants to have the power, which comes with the robot technology, back. So called Hollow-Childs [ Robots, completely behave and feel like human ] infiltrate all important parts in politic, finance and military. The Hollow-Child robots are controlled by the scientist who already died, but has cloned himself in a robot.

The game has RPG elements where you can build trust gaining from your team-members. Weapons can be enhanced, you can choose different team members for different missions.

An important fact to build trust with your team-members is how you behave when facing enemies. Staying in the back and let do your team-members the whole dirty work brings you the reputation of a coward. Fight at the frontline and give appropriate commands to your team-members gains respect and brings trust. Also think twice what you answer in conversations started by your team.mebers. Do not offend them and try to feel what they want to hear.

During the game you will favor team-members you want to fight together with. It is recommended to just upgrade weapons and skills on your favorite team-members.

I played the game with a Speedlink controller using the default config. You are not bound to an X-Box controller. This is a big plus. The controls are intuitive and very practical. The gameplay is fast and keeps you busy. There are lots of enemies you need to blast away to fight your way thru to the HQ of the scientist.

Very good graphics , fast gameplay and good controlling. RPG parts and a big variety of enemies. Shooting and having fun. This is what the game offers. One of the best shooters I have played in the last couple of years.

Even a little romance is included. See yourself if it has a future....
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Jeffery said...

O-ho! The screenshots are scaring, but it makes the game even more interesting to investigate!

WebBanshee said...

Hi Jeffrey !

Yes , its worth to give it a try. You will not be bored.



Youtube Plugin Wordpress said...

This games are best if you had a bad day and you just want to let it out.

Hanamiti said...

I hear you, man. My choices for a stupid game without requirements are:

- Worms Armageddon
- Ultima Online
- Diablo 2

These are old masterpieces!

WebBanshee said...

Your right Hanamiti ;)

Sometimes it needs to be just like this. Nothing else ....

buy steroids uk said...

Nice game.

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